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Super Specialities


Physiotherapy as a healthcare profession is concerned with the care and management of physical well-being of the patients. At Ozone Hospitals we provide quality rehabilitation care and physiotherapy services to the patients.

Ozone Hospitals offers the following physiotherapy services

  • Treatment for muscular imbalances
  • Physiotherapy for intensive care patients
  • Sports injury management and care
  • Pre- and post-natal training
  • Physiotherapy for fractures, muscular pain, and joint dislocations
  • Physiotherapy for correcting congenital physical deformities like flat feet, torticollis and kyphosis
  • Physiotherapy for diverse paralytic conditions
  • Physiotherapy for severe burns and skin-grafts
  • Physiotherapy for diverse spinal problems
  • Personal physiotherapy care for convalescing stroke patients and patients with restrictive pulmonary conditions (Bronchitis, COPD, Asthma etc.)

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