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Ct Scan

Computed Tomography is an indispensable technology that helped non-invasive medical diagnosis greatly. Ozone Hospitals is equipped with the latest 128-slice CT scanner which scans the whole body in a matter of seconds and provides incredibly sharp 3D images of any organ.

128-slice CT scanner provides non-superimposed and cross-sectional images of the body which show smaller contrast differences than conventional x-ray images. Also, 128-slice CT scan images are greatly helpful when it comes to visualizing the beating heart – the scanner can be so timed that it scans the heart only in between consecutive heart beats thereby circumventing blurred images caused by the beating of the heart.

Advantages of 128-slice CT scanner

  • Greater image clarity and resolution
  • Comfortable to the patients – especially when imaging the elderly, obese individuals, trauma patients, and individuals with cardiac and pulmonary disease
  • Automatically reduces the amount of radiation received by the patient yet delivers the required radiation for sharper images
  • Little amount of contrast dye required which is safer for patients
  • Better imagery of heart, valves and other related structures
  • These scanners being digitalized, images can be integrated with the information systems of the hospitals and patients can access these images from anywhere
  • Diagnosis with 128-slice CT scanner can avoid unnecessary admission of the patient to the hospital thereby reducing the ‘period of stay’ in the hospital
  • Early diagnosis with this scanner helps in better triage of the patients in the emergency department
  • The scanner has diverse applications – apart from its use in the detailed study of heart and its related structures, it can also be used to pinpointedly trace clots, plaques and other malformations in various tissues