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Advanced Equipment

Ozone Hospitals delivers top-notch medical services through its high-end infrastructure. Our high-end infrastructure includes the following,

Cath Lab

A catheterization laboratory or a cath lab in a hospital is used to visualize arteries and chambers of the heart and treat any abnormalities or stenoses.

Cardiac catheterization is a procedure in which a ‘catheter’ (a long narrow tube) is inserted into an artery or vein and is then guided into the heart. A special ‘contrast dye’ is then injected which allows the physician to see the chambers, valves, and coronary arteries of the heart on an x-ray monitor screen.

Advanced cath labs are biplane and digital, flat panel labs – this aids the visualization of arteries, chambers, and valves with the same injection thus saving time and limiting the use of the ‘contrast dye’.

The advanced cath lab at Ozone Hospitals offers an array of cardiology services including,

  • Percutaneous Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty (PBMV)
  • Temporary Pacemaker Implantation (TPI)
  • Permanent Pacemaker Implantation (PPI)